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          "Sliding bearing" technology and application in automotive industry

          发布日期:2016/9/14 浏览次数: 544次

          Bearing from working principle can be divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing, rolling bearing occurred when working is rolling friction and sliding bearing work occurs when the sliding friction pair, which determines the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing friction coefficient is at least ten orders of magnitude; in a certain load and speed and no lubrication conditions, with the gap between the size of the manufacturing precision of the rolling bearing friction coefficient depends on the inner and outer rings of bearing ball, and their size, and the friction of the bearing material itself has no direct relationship, rolling bearings are generally required regularly and no additional lubricant; and lubrication conditions in the same load and speed. Self lubrication friction coefficient of sliding bearing size mainly depends on the bearing material itself, the sliding bearing material itself has a good The self lubrication performance, can not refuel or less fuel to work for a long time; the sliding bearing realize self lubrication bearing, sliding bearing can realize the characteristics of self lubrication maintenance free sliding bearing more and more decided by the engineering staff.

          Application technology of sliding bearing in automotive industry

          The self-lubricating sliding bearing performance is superior, has been fully reflected in the automotive industry; the Chinese CSB sliding bearing applied to almost every global auto maker; especially the application of polymer plastic sliding bearing in the car has been more and more widely, it can be used in various parts of the car: from the most simple car the door hinge system to the mechanical structure of complex and demanding parts, such as: the requirements of the steering system the steering gear to the transmission system of the shifter etc.. In addition to excellent mechanical properties and the advantages of non - lubricating, dry operation, the price of engineering plastic sliding bearing is also very low. Relative to the PTFE coated metal sliding bearings, CSB polymer plastic sliding bearings can be up to 50%.

          Application of sliding bearing in automobile door hinge system

          The car door hinge system due to the use of the enhanced CSB-EP3 series plastic sliding bearing, overcomes metal sliding bearing caused by rust pull force increases or noise phenomenon, and is in the open and closed the car door or trunk lid is not any instant death card.

          Application of sliding bearing in automotive shock absorber system

          Sliding bearings using automobile shock damping system in both from the wear resistance, impact resistant ability and the fitting accuracy requirements are very strict; if the poor wear resistance of sliding bearing will lead to the outside sealing ring wear seal failure causing hydraulic oil leakage, damping function failure; CSB-40 composite bearings (DP4 material) fully received the harsh conditions of challenge, successfully applied in all kinds of automotive shock absorber.

          Application of sliding bearing in automobile steering system

          The vehicle steering system due to the use of the CSB-RPM4 support, the automobile in the whole process of turning the steering wheel running smoothly, also can ensure the normal operation of the steering system is bad even in pavement conditions. CSB-RPM4 excellent wear and shock absorption in the automotive steering system has been verified.

          Application of sliding bearing in automobile braking system

          The application of high performance polymer CSB-EP4 plastic bearings in the automobile braking system makes the drivers in the braking process is relatively stable, the brake can achieve fast and steady even in emergency situations; whether the car is in steady turning or can ensure effective braking in emergency steering case; the hardness and wear resistance of EP4 the material can obtain high long service life, the most if due to the high performance lubricant and functional fiber into this material.

          Application of sliding bearing in automobile seat adjustment system

          As for the vehicle seat system in sheet metal stamping or hole, and steel cold rolling generally have great tolerance, however, the seat system needs a minimum gap to minimize noise. In order to solve this contradiction, CSB production and supply of CSB-EP series of engineering plastic sliding bearings are now being used more and more.

          Application of sliding bearing in automotive transmission system

          Automobile gearshift lever CVT system not only requires that the shift in the process of using the successful implementation of the gear shifting process, and requires relatively smooth and comfortable; CSB-EP series of engineering plastic bearings because of its excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance properties are applied in the system.