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          Bearing in the car on a wide range of applications

          发布日期:2016-9-14 浏览次数: 347次

          Bearing is widely used in the mechanical industry, the strict requirements of the matching parts and foundation pieces, known as the mechanical joints". From daily life to transport vehicles, machinery processing equipment...... Until the high-tech cutting-edge technology, where there is a mechanical movement of the place can not be separated from the bearing.

          Due to the wide range of use, the diversity and complexity of the bearing varieties have been determined. Bearing manufacturing industry is the basis of precision parts manufacturing industry, its accuracy is measured by 0.001 mm, while the general machinery parts manufacturing tolerances are generally only 0.01 mm.

          Bearing on the use of the car parts and components are: engine, generator, water pump, clutch, transmission, differential, steering gear, air conditioners, etc.. Bearing type is mainly the small deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings and roller bearings etc.. The proportion of various types of bearing supporting for deep groove ball bearing 27%, cone bearing 23%, needle bearing 15%, 6% pump bearing, cylindrical roller bearing 5%, bearing 24% other.

          The use of bearings on the commercial vehicle parts assembly are: water pump, transmission, transmission shaft, generator, differential, front and rear wheels, steering systems, etc.. Bearing types mainly include: tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.