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          Application of spline shaft of gear

          发布日期:2016/9/14 浏览次数: 501次

          Rectangular gear spline shaft is widely used, such as aircraft, automobile, tractor, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission equipment, etc..

          Its characteristics: multi tooth, high bearing capacity, good neutral, good orientation, the root is shallow, small stress concentration, shaft and hub strength weakened, the processing is convenient, can obtain high precision grinding method. There are two series in the standard (light series and Series).

          Involute gear spline shaft

          Spline processing method: gear spline shaft processing method is a lot of. Mainly uses the cutting, milling and grinding and other cutting processing methods, can also be used cold, cold rolling and other plastic deformation processing method.

          1, hobbing method: Spline Hob in gear spline shaft milling machine or gear hobbing machine processing method according to the exhibition, the productivity and accuracy are high, suitable for mass production.

          2, milling method: on universal milling machine with special forming milling cutter directly from tooth profile, dividing head for dividing tooth by tooth milling cutter; if not, can also be used two cutter and milling on both sides of a tooth, tooth by tooth milling after using a disc cutter of a finishing bottom diameter. The productivity and precision milling method are low, mainly used in small batch production process with diameter centering gear spline shaft and hardened before rough machining.

          3, grinding method: forming grinding wheel in grinding machine grinding gear spline shaft spline tooth side and bottom diameter, suitable for Machining Hardened gear spline shaft or high precision requirement, especially in gear spline shaft diameter centering.

          4, cold play: in a special machine tool. Two symmetrically arranged on the outer side of the circumference of the head of the workpiece, the workpiece with high speed rotary indexing rotary motion and axial feed for constant speed ratio of the workpiece, each turned 1 teeth, forming the head hit the workpiece of cogging hammer 1 times, hit in high speed and high continuous motion hammer, the surface of the plastic workpiece deformation and spline. Between the cold hit precision between milling and grinding, about 5 times higher than the efficiency of milling, cold play can also improve the utilization rate of materials. The above introduction is for gear spline shaft processing method of a detailed explanation.