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          Gear spline shaft technology is how to do

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          The surface of nylon coating process of gear spline shaft, the gear spline shaft surface attached to a layer of nylon coating, avoid gear spline axis and the spline sleeve is steel and steel direct contact; the nylon coating used in gear spline shaft gear spline shaft of automobile steering gear assembly, solve the existing gear spline shaft and the spline sleeve friction and noise problems, to avoid the car running at high speed or in bad condition when the direction of the problem of low sensitivity

          What is the role of the gear spline shaft on the nylon?

          In fact, this is a kind of technology, and that this process is how to do it?

          The machine after the completion of the cold drawing of gear spline shaft centralized preparation, the process comprises the steps of the pretreatment, dipping priming, heating, cooling, hot water, nylon coated water cooling at room temperature.