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          Structure and application of gear spline shaft

          发布日期:2016/9/14 浏览次数: 811次

          1, material: 40Cr

          2, heat treatment. Quenching surface hardness HRC45--50

          3: is a mechanical transmission, the key to peace, the semicircular key, oblique key role, is the transfer of mechanical torque,

          4, structure: a longitudinal keyway in the shaft sleeve appearance, rotating parts on the shaft also have corresponding keyway, can be maintained with axis synchronous rotating. In the rotation at the same time, some can also be on the axis of the longitudinal sliding, such as transmission gear box, etc..

          5, application examples: in the brake, steering mechanism. There is also an extension of the shaft, from the inner and outer tubes, the outer tube with inner teeth, the inner tube with the outer teeth, set together. When in use, the rotating torque is transmitted, and the length direction can be extended.

          Our company production and scientific research as one of a variety of vehicles, agricultural vehicles, tractor, wheel tractor various spline shaft production in northern region, various types of Koshiba Ma, a variety of hydraulic wheel suspension assembly is the largest production base. With an annual output of 300 thousand sets of all kinds of spline shaft (sleeve), 600 thousand series of small diesel crankshaft, hydraulic suspension assembly 80 thousand Taiwan (sets).

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